Who am I? - WDD ART

Who am I? - WDD ART

I am Vladimir. Father, Husband, Product manager, Web developer, Farmer (real + crypto), Sailor, Poet, shy Video editor at our sailing project www.maya-adventures.com. My interest in the world of PC’s began during the 80’s when I was just a kid. The first time I got a screen saying “Syntax error” I was thrilled, since the machine had just communicated with me! Hey! 😀


My first computer was, long a long forgotten, Oric nova 64, at the time this was the machine talking to me. Guess what, I was 7–8-year-old kid, whose English was very limited.   Since than I have typed in many lines of code, in many different machines like Commodore 64, Amiga, 386, 486, the first Pentiums and many, many more to come and go. My poor kid’s English became my second, almost native, language and I also picked up some Dutch, a bit of Greek, and a bit of German.


Oh, yes, since you are here for the website,

I talk with the computers too in PHP, CSS, JavaScript and have a long, very long affection for WordPress and its widely used e-commerce plugin Woocommerce. I do use and understand some other tools but tend to keep my work simple and as clean as possible. One of the most common website building mistakes is using the so-called WYSIWYG editor of any kind. It is an additional layer of code, that is placed on top of too much code, and it is trying to communicate with my friend the computer, with so many words and signs than my friend gets bored.   Friendly advice, if you are looking to make a very simple website, that will remain simple – use it, otherwise you found your go to guy to take a website top the next level.


When I build websites, I build them in a way that insures they are fast and without unnecessary complications and plug-ins that will not only cause future slowdowns but also downtime. I also always optimise the websites for Google by adding essential on-page SEO it features such as breadcrumbs and Yoast, by default, unless requested otherwise by the client. This helps my customers to grow their online presence without spending a fortune on advertising they organically ranking their website.


Did I mention I have nearly 15 years of experience in the IT hardware industry, sales, marketing, production etc process in my blood too?


Welcome to my website. Feel free to browse, read, share and contact me in case you need a friendly chat or to get some business done. In the meantime, you can jump over to my clients reviews or portfolio of previous work. Shhhh, please don’t tell anyone, but there is a lot more to this portfolio than it is detailed here, I just didn’t want to bore you. Your friendly web dev is just using more time to help others than brag about his achievements all the time.




In case you want to skip all and just send a message, here is the most convenient way to do it.