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Technologies: Woocommerce

This was a very nice project with long term satisfied client. It is based on fully featured e-commerce webshop. Project required website crreation using Frizty theme and below pages:

  • Home
  • About us
  • Shop (woocommerce)
  • FAQ’s
  • Gallery
  • Knowledge Centre (blog)
  • Contact Us
  • Terms & Conditions (footer menu)
  • Wholesale (at footer menu)

For shop two basic product templates , One allowing people to order a generic fish without specifically choosing an individual fish, The other will be a more expensive VIP allowing people to choose a specific fish so the only difference would actually be in whether they can choose multiple fish or one.

For it we custom coded options to display already sold fish in VIP fish category.

Tools and Techiques used:

  • Wordpress
  • Woocommerce
  • Plugin instalation
  • Photoshop
  • Custom coding in PHP/JS

Link: https://www.siambettafish.com/

Short description: Fully featured ecommerce webshop using CMS, Plugins, Custom coding and redesign of template elements

Date of completion: 22.01.2021

Link: https://www.tuberslair.com/

Short description: Drop shipping e-commerce webshop connected to Aliexpress and Amazon

Date of completion: 11.11.2020

Link: https://www.starmapsaustralia.com.au/

Short description: Fully featured woocommerce webshop with customized product ordering fields. Custom theme was made for the client.

Date of completion: 20.04.2019

Link: https://www.nordiccorner.se/

Short description: After several years of using it, it came time for new layout. We made new layout based on clients specification and hand drawings.

Date of completion: 30.03.2019

Link: https://www.mixtuae.com/

Short description: One of the main project subjects was animated single product page in which main image is going at central position while ingridients are floating on the side.

Date of completion: 20.1.2019

Link: https://www.bluefinuae.com/

Short description: At first client wanted old content in new design, later on it become full website project with new webshop and company product presentation.

Date of completion: 21.04.2016

Link: http://www.kvark-cacak.com/

Short description: My client wanted shopify.com shop transferred to WordPress. Shop had around 60 products but lot of variations per product.

Date of completion: 10.10.2017

Link: http://www.tramscrolls.com.au/

Short description: Woocommerce with Gravity forms gave mighty combination for custom webshop

Date of completion: 31.05.2017

Link: http://www.ramfabriken.se/

Short description: Custom built web app for uploading and sending images from computer, Facebook, Instagram etc.

Date of completion: 26.05.2016

Link: https://www.apartmaninadan.com

Short description: Bilingual apartment rental platform with blog and useful widgets for startup business