Client Reviews - WDD ART

Client Reviews - WDD ART

At WDDart, I pride myself on delivering top-notch web development services to my clients since 2015, with a focus on ecommerce platforms using WooCommerce. I understand that good communication and understanding are key to successful website creation. That’s why I approach each project with personal affection, thinking about how I would represent it to end users if it were my own business. Every project is equally important to me, and client satisfaction is my highest priority. My goal is not only to deliver a great-looking and well-functioning website, but also to boost your sales and profits. If you are not satisfied with the end result, I consider it a big failure.

As a web developer with long-time experience and a wide portfolio of education, I have the expertise to please my clients’ needs and bring even the most poorly described or undocumented ideas to life. I am dedicated to delivering great-looking and well-functioning ecommerce websites that are optimized for sales and profit. Here are my clients’ reviews and what WDD ART did well for them.”


Katarina Panić
Owner Nugen Nutra

Vladimir is a great guy to work with.
I appreciated a lot him being there whenever I needed him and that I got my website in a very short time.  My website is exactly as I wanted it to be!


Ivan Petrović
BDM SK Pharma

Working with Vladimir was easy. He knew precisely what needed to be done in order for our project to succeed. Implementation was done quickly, bugs we run across were fixed swiftly. Would highly recommend him to everyone.

John Robertson
Owner Trysail Insurance

Everyone should be as good as Vladimir! All aspects of his service where 5 star. He dealt with many, many (client side) changes and delays professionally and with patience. I couldn’t recommend him more.

Mark Currie
Contractor Deckchair Asia

I have worked with Vlad on various different sites now & there are more to do. What can I say about Vald that has not already been said, he’s so refreshing to work with, he’s patient, he’s not afraid of deadlines and most of all when I am getting stressed with Clients, Vlad is always so calm.

An absolute pleasure to work! Thanks Vlad.

Benjawan Srisuk
Owner Home2homesamui

Great work and so so easy to work with,Highly recommend!. You just so nice and all i can say about everything is “ AMAZING”!!! Thank you so so much again Vlad!!

Branko Propadovic
Owner Kvark

A year ago, Vlad helped me to revamp my old web-shop. I was amazed how quickly and precisely he did import of all site contents, how overall outlook of the website was improved and most importantly how the new SEO was effective. Final result, one year after are doubled hits and doubled sales. Great job!

Tamara Čučković
Owner Plamen Izobilja

My impression, as well as all people who look site is the same, professional, beautiful, modern. The cooperation runs smoothly, without problems. From concept to implementation has been a couple of days. I liked realization on first hand. I am very pleased. If you want a fast, intelligent, professional service at the right place. I recommend the Vladimir to everyone!
– Tamara Čučković

Andreas Versen
Owner NordicCorner

Vlad has been a perfect resource for us during the project. He´s been very flexible and always kept his promises. When we were unclear about we wanted to do on any specific point he was helpful and gave us different options according to the situation. Besides the fact that he´s a great team player he´s also excellent in communication. If i was about to recommend a website designer for a friend, Vlad would most definitely be one of them.