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WordPress development, maintenance and fixing

I started developing my first website in 2005, when screens were square and best animations were made as .gif (digital interpretation of animation made in book corner 🙂 ) Many things changed since than. Internet connection is almost present everywhere on land and in some part of the sea. If you are not on the internet with your business today, you will probably loose your business tomorrow. – This is sad but true fact.  Another fact is that there are a lot of websites that needs small, big or medium fixes. If you have slow website, or user unfriendly you will lose visitors. If you are loosing visitors – Yes, I already said that, you will loose your business. Fortunately, you came here and started reading this text, and you are probably in a good place to ask for help. I live in Serbia, and my competitive advantage is that during my childhood I had opportunity to experiment and grow with all kind of software. Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Cubase,  Propelerheads Reason etc etc list goes on and on. You may ask yourself why is this so important? Well, why majority of the world had to buy and try, we had luck to take everything for free, test it, try it, learn it. So now you have a maintenance machine you just need to click and ask for help.


Our line of work consists of WordPress fixes, WordPress maintenance, WordPress speed boosts. We are also greatly experienced with Woocommerce development, fixes and upgrades. You are welcome to check some of our recent projects and clients opinions.


Welcome to WDD ART – A WordPress based website development and maintenance team!

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